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Motion Backgrounds

4K Motion Backgrounds & Video Backgrounds & Video Textures for VJ’s & Media Artists. Ultra hd vj loops & vj footages. Download Free hd motion backgrounds.


Everything has its structure as well as abstract visuals.

This pack of loops consists of grey, white and blue elements that form sophisticated patterns ― they remind sparkling crystals or smart strobes that move like perfect mechanism drawing such amazing light paintings.


This techno mix of visuals gathers minimalistic geometric patterns and draws abstract moving pictures.

Total black background helps to immerse your audience into hypnotic trance and make them dance till dawn. And you gonna become a superhero VJ on any party.

Abstract Background Texture

Abstract patterns for background use a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create the feeling of creative freedom and absence of boundaries.

Deep vivid colors, glaring highlights and fanciful shapes can turn any show into unforgettable space travel.

Liquid Light

Mysterious intricacies of the tiny details produce the whole grand picture of divine beauty.

Blue, silver, golden and orange liquid lights leak on black canvases forming difficult mesmerizing patterns that we can watch forever!

Halls of Valor

Valor, prowess, heroism, valiance, valiancy, doughtiness are expressed in the loop.

The loop Halls of Valor – VJ Loops Pack Vol.53 contains symmetric and assymmetric images of swords, shields and knights’ armors. 

EDM VJ Loops Bundle

10 VJ Loops Packs for EDM Club and Festival Visual Performance and VJ Show.

Download only at LIME ART STORE in Bundle and save 500 EUR